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Eco Pedal Hand Sanitizer

Eco Pedal Hand Sanitizer

Eco Concern Pvt. Ltd brings Eco Pedal HandSanitizer. With this device, the sanitizer couldbe used without touching the bottle withhands. Sanitizing your hands can preventspread of virus.This station avoids directcontact to tap handle and soap dispenser byhand. A gentle paddle press is enough tooperate the station. By pressingthe pedal with a foot, the bottle woulddispense the liquid sanitizer.


  • Type : Foot Pedal Press
  • Height : 42 inch
  • Stand Foot Area : 18 X 12 inch
  • Weight : 8 kg
  • Sanitizer bottle: 400 ml
  • Material : MS Steel
  • Dispensing Time: 5-10 sec per person


  • Portable
  • Easy- to -Use
  • Foot-operated, No Contact with Hands
  • No electricity required
  • Less Space requirement
  • Reduces requirement of staff at entry point

NRs. 3955 including 13% VAT

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