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1% Chlorine solution

1% Chlorine solution

1% Chlorine solution distributed by Eco Concern Pvt Ltd. can be used for variety of disinfection purposes. To ensure maximum effectiveness, proper cleaning of water is suggested in case of turbid water samples. It is being prepared following the CDC guidelines. The chlorine solution is mainly used for sterilization of large volumes of water by domestic households as well as in water treatment plants.

1% Chlorinesolution can be used to purify water to eliminate biological growth, remove excess iron and manganese, taste and odour and to maintain chlorine levels in water. The solution is also suitable for cleaning floors and other household areas when used in correct proportion.


  • 1 L of 1% Chlorine solution can disinfect up to 10,000 L of water
  • Suitable to use in water disinfection in large scale

NRs. 500 including 13% VAT

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