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Swaccha Filter

Swaccha Filter

Swaccha Filter is Colloidal Silver (CS) Filter prepared by dipping candle filter in to the silver which is more effective comparatively to that of the filter that is available in the market in order to treat the water and remove bacteria from it.This filter has two layer i.e. upper and lower parts. For the filtration process, the silver coated candle is fitted in the upper part and the water that needs to be filtered is poured in the same layer. The filtered water is collected in the lower part. The water collected through this process is drinkable and is bacteria free


  • Highly effective in efficiently removing bacteria from drinking water.
  • Filters turbid water
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Filter 2-4 litres per hour

NRs. 1901 including 13% VAT

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