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Eco Foot Sanitizer Mat.

Eco Foot Sanitizer Mat.

Safe Hygiene is a vital factor when it comesto combating the spread of the virus.Therefore, it's important to keep your shoesdisinfected. Viruses and bacteria can attachto shoes and remain infectious there forseveral hours or days too.Eco Concern Pvt. Ltd brings Eco FootSanitizer Mat. Sanitizing your shoes canprevent spread of virus. Simply stepping overthe Eco Sanitizing mat can disinfect the shoesoles.


  • Fiber Reinforce Plastic (FRP) Box :16 inch X 40 inch
  • Foam : 16 inch X 40 inch
  • Ring loop Mat 1: 16 inch X 40 inch
  • Ring Loop Mat 2 : 20 inch X 40 inch
  • Rubber Mat : 40 inch X 48 inch


  • Portable
  • Easy- to -Use
  • keeps your shoes clean and
  • sanitized
  • Locally made

NRs. 7345 including 13% VAT

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