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ECO Septic Tank -2000L

ECO Septic Tank -2000L

Ready to install (RTI) Eco Septic Tank adopt container based sanitation, where excreta is collected in sealable containers. The Eco Septic Tank is composed of HDPE plastic that is rotationally manufactured using PLC-Numerically Controlled Machines, in durable LLDPE (Polyethylene) that has a high impact resistance using PLC-Numerically Controlled Machines.

The tank has 2 chamber baffle design system to ensure a high degree of settlement and sedimentation. This technology is suitable for densely populated low-income urban areas, emergency camps and for areas with high ground water table as it discharges a low level of suspended solids, suitable for discharge into any underground soak away system.


  • HDPE plastic septic tanks
  • Wall Thickness 12mm
  • Temperature resistant up to 60oC
  • Smooth Interior
  • Chemical and Gases resistant and made up of degradable plastic

NRs. 113000 including 13% VAT

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