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ENPHO Field Water Test kit

ENPHO Field Water Test kit

ENPHO Field Water Test Kit is a simple, portable and low cost water test kit that allows testing of 10 major water quality parameters. In context to Nepal where water samples are collected from remote areas wherein laboratory access is not present nearby, the kit allow analysis of water quality easily on site instead of bringing the water sample all the way back to the city.

The kit can be used to test 10 different water quality parameters- pH, temperature, Chloride, total hardness, Iron, Ammonia, Nitrate, Phosphate, Free Residual Chlorine and Coliform. A single kit is sufficient for testing 100 water samples for each parameter except Coliform (only 10 coliform P/A vial provided). The results obtained for different parameters are based either on colorimetric or titrimetric method of water testing. Reagents can be refilled as per requirement. For turbid water samples, filtration before testing is suggested for better results.


  • Portable, light, cost-effective and easy to use.
  • 10 basic indicator water parameters (pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, phosphate, iron, chloride, total hardness, free residual chlorine and coliform presence/absence).
  • 100 physio-chemical tests and 10 bacteriological tests per kit
  • Kits for individual parameters are also available.
  • The reagents and other consumables for the tests can be re-filled as per your requirement.

NRs. 17402 including 13% VAT

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