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The E.Coli and Coliform Vial (ECC Vial) is an innovative, simple and easy to use device useful in determination of faecal contamination, through detection of E-coli and Coliform. It contains a selective media for the simultaneous detection of both E-coli and total coliforms in water. The characteristic feature of ECC Vial is its ability to indicate presence of E.coli with blue color and pink/red color for presence of coliform.

The water sample is incubated for 24 hours at body temperature (35oC) in either a pocket incubator or a body belt incubator or a portable mini-incubator. For negative results (i.e. no color change) sample should be incubated for additional 24 hours.

Why ECC Vial?

ECC vial provides on-the-spot water test for E.coli and coliform and easy interpretation of results within 24-48 hrs.


  • Onsite result :Blue color (E.coli presence), pink color (Coliform presence)
  • Innovative, can be used for simultaneous detection of E.coli and coliform in water
  • Portable, no need of sophisticated instruments.
  • Affordable

NRs. 113 including 13% VAT

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