Water Quality Training at Nepal Water Supply Corporation

13th Chaitra 2077

Nepal Water Supply Corporation (NWSC) had organized a 3-day training on “Capacity Improvement training for Drinking Water Standardization” from 11th Chaitra 2077 to 13th Chaitra 2077 at its head office in Tripureshwor. As a part of the workshop, EcoConcern was approached to provide training on the use of Arsenic Test kit and ENPHO Water Test kit on 13th Chaitra 2077.

The training on Water Quality, use of Arsenic Test kit and ENPHO Water Test kit was provided by Ms. Nabina K.C., Ms Ushnish Tuladhar and Ms. Namita Nepal as the lead trainers from EcoConcern to about 22 participants. The program started with opening remarks from Dr. Bhupendra Prasad,General Manager, NWSC, who highlighted the purpose of the training to the participants and requested them to implement the knowledge gained through the training for assessing water quality in future. This was proceeded with a brief presentation on “Arsenic, Arsenic Analysis methods and its Health effects” by Ms. Ushnish Tuladhar wherein overview on Arsenic toxicology in humans and the procedure for detecting Arsenic in water samples using the newly launched Arsenic Test kit was explained. The session concluded with one-on-one practical demonstration on the Arsenic test kit by our lead trainers followed by discussion on the feasibility of the kit and precautionary measures to be implemented while performing Arsenic analysis on-field.

Fig 1: Practical demonstration on Arsenic Test kit by Ms. Ushnish Tuladhar (right)

In the next phase of the training, Ms. Nabina K.C. presented on “Water Quality, Water Quality Analysis and ENPHO Water Test Kit” in detail focusing mainly on the 10 parameters (pH, Temperature, Total Hardness, Iron, Phosphate, Chloride, FRC (Free Residual Chlorine), Ammonia, Nitrate and Coliform). She explained the importance and impacts of each of those parameters on human health and environment. A practical demonstration on analysis of Iron, Nitrate and Phosphate using ENPHO Water Test kit was performed by Ms. Namita Nepal. One of the participants even volunteered to perform analysis of nitrate. The session proceeded with one-on-one training to the participants on use of ENPHO Water Test kit where they were divided into 5 groups and were made to perform analysis of any four parameters among the 10 with monitoring by our lead trainers. Later, a brief demonstration on the application of turbidity tube on Water quality analysis was also explained to the participants. The training ended with closing remarks from Dr. Bhupendra Prasad thanking EcoConcern and the participants for their cooperation.

Fig 2: a) Demonstration of Water quality analysis using ENPHO Water test kit by Ms Namita Nepal

2 b) Water quality analysis by one of the volunteers



Fig 3: Participants performing analysis using ENPHO Water Test kit