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Project Title Status Location Year Details
Water Quality Analysis from Water Purification Plant in ICIMOD’s premises Completed ICIMOD, Khumaltar February 2021- January 2022


To ensure the quality of purified drinking water in its office, ICIMOD has assigned EcoConcern to carry out regular water samp...

Establishing four operational mini-labs for water quality testing in Surkhet and Banke Districts Completed Surkhet (Bheriganga Municipality and Barahatal Rural Municipality) Banke District (Kohalpur Municipality and Baijanath Rural Municipality) July 2020- December 2021


ENPHO with support of WASH Alliance International (WAI) is implementing WASH SDG program in West Nepal in Surkhet District. On...

Water and Wastewater Quality Analysis from Kopila Valley School Completed Surkhet February 2021-December 2021


Kopila Valley Sewa Samaj (KVSS), Surkhet has been conducting regular water quality analysis at its school (Kopila Valley) for...

Characterization of Faecal Sludge of Lahan Municipality and Soil Test of the FSTP construction site services Completed Lahan Municipality, Siraha January 2021- February 2021

Sub-Component (lab): Characterization of Faecal Sludge at Lahan Municipality

Objectives: To perform faecal sludge characterization on the...

Provide consumables for microbiological (Total coliform and E. coli) test using Membrane Filtration method Completed Kathmandu March 2021


  1. Provision of consumables for microbiological water quality testing in terms of Total Coliform and E. coli.
Faecal sludge analysis from Bharatpur Municipality Completed Bharatpur October 2020 - November 2020

Main Project: Survey to Generate Data on Waste Assessment in Mahalaxmi Municipalityy and conduct fecal sludge characterisatio...

Conduct wastewater sampling at sewer outlets and characterize in terms of treatment parameters Completed Bhojpur and Charikot March 2020- December 2020

Main Project: Prepare Detail Project Report (DPR) of Wastewater Treatment Plant of Bhojpur and Charikot


Faecal Sludge Characterization including toxicity test in terms of metals Completed Itahari and Mahalaxmi Municipality December 2020- February 2021

Main Project: Faecal Assessment for Large Scale Biogas Plants in Nepal


  1. To conduct analysis...
Hands-on training on Water Quality Testing (using membrane filtration method and ENPHO water test kit) Completed Kathmandu March 2021


  1. To train technicians on water quality testing using membrane filtration method for bacteriological parameters includi...
Drinking Water Analysis, ICIMOD Khumaltar, Lalitpur 1 February, 2020 to 31 January, 2021

Fortnightly drinking water sample collection from ICIMOD premises, quality analysis and report submission

Water sample collection and analysis Completed Surkhet, Nepal 27 December, 2019 to 31 December, 2020

Collect treated drinking water samples from biosand filter and ultra filter four times a year;  Collect one sample from ultra filter without s...

Improvement of water supply system in Biratnagar in the federal democratic republic of Nepal Completed Kathmandu, Nepal 14 November 2019 to February, 2020

Water quality analysis of water samples

Water sample analysis under JICA project Completed National November, 2019 to November, 2020

Analysis of drinking water samples and sludge samples from 10 different Metropolitan/Sub-Metropolitan

Drinking Water Analysis, ICIMOD Completed Khumaltar, Lalitpur 1 February, 2019 to 31 January, 2020

Fortnightly drinking water sample collection from ICIMOD premises, quality analysis and report submission

Water sample collection and analysis under ISO project Completed Lubhu, Lalitpur December, 2020 to February 2020

Collection and analysis of wastewater and sludge sample from Lubhu fecal sludge treatment plant, Lalitpur

Technical support from Eco Concern Pvt. Ltd. to establish and operate mini lab in Sindhupalchok, Kavre and Dhading districts. Completed Sidhupalchowk, Kavre and Dhading 19 August, 2019 to December, 2019

Provide 3 days technical hands-on training at ENPHO lab to selected lab technician from the mini-labs; Support to get required materials and equipm...

Water for Women: Beyond the Finish Line-Inclusive and Sustainable Rural Water Supply Service, SNV Completed Dailekh and Sarlahi 26 July 2019 to 30 September, 2019

Water sample collection and analysis of Arsenic and E.coli

Drinking Water Analysis, ICIMOD Completed Khumaltar, Lalitpur 1 February, 2018 to 31 January, 2019

Fortnightly drinking water sample collection from ICIMOD premises, quality analysis and report submission

Water quality test of 10 Plastic Ponds in Cha-Khola Catchment of Indrawati Sub-Basin Completed Kavrepalanchowk, Nepal 18 December, 2018 to 28 December, 2018

Collection of water sample from 10 plastic ponds in Cha-Khola Catchment of Indrawati Sub-Basin

Water quality test of 30 bio sand filters in Chitwan National Park Completed Chitwan, Nepal 22 February, 2018 to 30 April, 2018

Collection and analysis of water samples from 30 Bio Sand Filters from Chitwan National Park

Training on water sample collection and analysis Completed Solukhumbhu, Nepal 27 July, 2017 to 27 July, 2018

Providing training to company staff on water sampling and water quality testing using ENPHO water test kit, to analyze water sample sent by company...

Building back better, institutionalizing and strengthening WASH sector for urban resilience (BISWASH) Project Completed Kathmandu, Nepal June 2017 to Dec, 2017

Water sample collection and analysis from Panauti Municipality

Waste Water Analysis for BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, Bharatpur, Chitwan Completed Bharatpur, Chitwan 2016

Collection and analysis of wastewater samples

Project Title Status Location Year Details
Preparation of Detail Project Report for Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant at Lahan Municipality Completed Lahan Municipality, Siraha March 2021 – April 2021


WaterAid Nepal, under the Beacon Project, is focusing on bringing appropriate sanitation and waste man...

DEWATS Rehabilitation Completed Bisankhunarayan, Godawari Municipality March 2020 - April 2021


Ama Ghar is a permanent care home that provides shelter, education, and healthcare to homeless childre...

Assessment of Health Care/Medical Waste Management in Kirtipur Municipality Kirtipur Municipality August 2021-September 2021


According to Solid Waste Management Act 2011, defined health institution-related waste as harmful waste produ...

Development of Faecal Sludge Management by-laws in Four Municipalities Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan city, Khadak Municipality, Chandannath Municipality and Birendranagar Municipality September 2021- January 2021


Nepal having been declared as an Open Defecation Free (ODF) country in Sep 2019, now has safely managed sani...

Detailed Engineering Design Report for Faecal Sludge Management Treatment Plant – Kohalpur Municipality, Banke Completed Kohalpur Municipality, Banke April 2021-September 2021


Kohalpur Municipality in Banke district of Lumbini Province (No. 5) like many other municipalities of Nepal...

Development of FSM Business Model and Plan in Four Municipalities Completed Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan city (Banke), Khadak Municipality (Saptari), Chandannath Municipality (Jumla) and Birendranagar Municipality (Surkhet) Jun 2021-Oct 2021


The emergence of on-site sanitation has seen a growth in low-income countries like Nepal but the problems re...

Detail design of wastewater treatment plants (DEWATS) in Charikot and Bhojpur. Completed Nepal 2018

Characterisation and detail design of DEWATS (2 nos. in Charikot and 3 nos. in Bhojpur) with average flow ranging from 2.5 lps to 17 lps. All the p...

Detail design of Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant in 4 municipalities-Shuklaphanta, Godawari, Dhangadhi and Bhimdatta Completed Shuklaphanta, Godawari Municipality, Dhangadhi, Bhimdatta Municipality 2018-2021


Shuklaphanta and Godawari Municipality

The declaration of Shuklaphanta Municipality ...

Detail design of Fecal Sludge Treatment Plant in Tikapur Municipality, Kailali Completed Tikapur Municipality February 2019- April 2019


Tikapur Municipality was declared an open defecation free on 2 February 2015. Despite such an extensive toil...

Project Title Status Location Year Details
Manufacturing and Marketing of ECC Vial Completed Kathmandu 2018-2020

Report on launching ECC VIAL,

All the materials used for the marketing and promotion including the brochure, videos, pample

Assessment of Solid Waste at Mahalaxmi Municipality and Faecal Sludge Generation Characterization at Bharatpur Metropolitan City Completed Mahalaxmi Municipality and Bharatpur Metropolitan June 2020-September 2020


With the support of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), the Characterization of faecal sludge and Asses...

Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Sewered and Non-Sewered Sanitation System in Mahalaxmi Municipality, Nepal Completed Mahalaxmi Municipality July 2020-February 2021


Life Cycle Cost Analysis is an important tool that enables governing bodies to make a financially capable dec...

Mask-Mandu Campaign Completed Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur September 2020-December 2020


Mask-Mandu Campaign was launched as a youth-led initiative by Paschim Paaila with support from CWIS-TA Hub, E...

Faecal Assessment for Large Scale Biogas Plants in Nepal Completed 19 Municipalities December 2020- March 2021


1. Province 1: Kankai Municipality, Damak Municnipality, Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City, Dharan Sub-Metropolita...

Project Title Status Location Year Details
Orientation and Delivery of Swachchya Filter (Phase 1) Completed Katari, Sindhuli, Hetauda April 2021-June 2021


The scarcity of safe drinking water has been a major global concern since decades especially in third world c...

Fabrication and installation of Eco Foot Operated Hand Wash Station Completed Kathmandu Valley 2020

Eco Concern Pvt. Ltd. successfully completed the fabrication and installtion of Eco Foot Operated Hand Wash Station and foundation works along with...