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Lab services


EcoConcern provides laboratory services through ENPHO Lab. ENPHO Lab has been providing its analytical services on water, air, soil and food quality. ENPHO Laboratory has been accredited under the NEPLAS criteria (based on ISO 17025) by Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology, Government of Nepal. Laboratory division of ENPHO is well equipped with sophisticated instruments like atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS), ultra violet (UV) spectrophotometer, double distillation unit, four digital electronic balance, pH meter, electrical conductivity meters, automatic digestion and distillation units, and various types of oven, incubator, and furnace for physical and chemical parameter analysis. Furthermore, it is equipped with several filtration units (Millipore and Del Agua units), different range of incubators, autoclave and refrigerator for microbiological analysis.