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Assessment of Health Care/Medical Waste Management in Kirtipur Municipality

Project Details

  • Client: Environment and Public Health Organisation (ENPHO)
  • Location: Kirtipur Municipality
  • Year: August 2021-September 2021


According to Solid Waste Management Act 2011, defined health institution-related waste as harmful waste produced and discharged from hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, dispensaries, blood banks, pathology laboratories, animal health-related body or health research centers. The proper handling, storage and disposal of medical waste has been severely lacking in Nepal.

Most HCFs in Nepal handle their solid waste by using ineffective waste disposal methods such as drum incinerators, pit burning, earthen pit disposal, and open burning. Furthermore, many institutions dump or throw rubbish in the back yard, ditches, rivers, open fields, hospital corners, nearby ponds, or anywhere else on the premises. For the final disposal of HCW, over 60% of large hospitals in various parts of the country use municipal waste disposal systems. . The scenario depicts inadequate HCW management. Almost all institutions have not addressed liquid waste, including dangerous chemicals and laboratory waste.

Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) and Bremen Overseas Research & Development (BORDA) have been working closely on the BMZ funded ‘Integrated urban water management at the center of municipal public services’ project for the year 2021 for Kirtipur Municipality and Godawari Municipality intending to support the municipalities to provide improved municipal water and sanitation services.  To support Kirtipur Municipality with improved solutions, Eco Concern Pvt. Ltd. (EcoConcern) assessed the health care waste management situation of healthcare facilities within the municipality.


  • To assess the current situation on waste management cycle in the municipality
  • To assess the efficiency of current onsite waste treatment
  • To assess the institutional capacity and arrangement for HCWM
  • To identify barriers and opportunities in managing HCW effectively
  • To provide recommendations on replicable safe management initiatives on efficient health care waste management

Photograph 1: KII with BishnuDevi Hospital at Kirtipur



Photograph 2: Treated waste collection at Kirtipur Hospital                    Photograph 3: Temporary storage of waste

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