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Preparation of Detail Project Report for Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant at Lahan Municipality

Project Details

  • Client: WaterAid Nepal (WAN)
  • Location: Lahan Municipality, Siraha
  • Year: March 2021 – April 2021


WaterAid Nepal, under the Beacon Project, is focusing on bringing appropriate sanitation and waste management, particularly prioritizing Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) and the Non-Sewered Sanitation System (NSS) in line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.2 to the town of Lahan. In this regard, WaterAid made an agreement with EcoConcern for the preparation of a Detailed Project Report (DPR) of an affordable and locally suitable feacal sludge treatment plant (FSTP) for Lahan Municipality. As per the agreement, EcoConcern has prepared and submitted the DPR of FSTP that best suits the context of the Lahan Municipality.

The general objective of this project is to prepare the DPR of FSTP for Lahan Municipality.

The specific objectives of the project are:
a. To design an affordable and locally suitable feacal sludge treatment plant.
b. To prepare a project cost estimate and drawings of the plant.
c. To provide technical assistance to the municipality based on a prepared Detailed Project Report. 
d. To prepare technical specifications and BID documents.​​​​​​​






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